The time has flown this semester. There were days I didn't know if I'd make it but make it I did. For me technology is a struggle as I found out in this online class I had to seek in our school. We all have different learning styles and I know mine is being shown how to do it and then able to go play with it awhile. Then come back and ask questions.

Every day is a challenge in the library but as a media specialist you must try your best to keep up with the new technology and use it as you teach your students. I know for me each year I have grown with the tools from online classes and here at our school. Once I'm finished with my classes I will resume attending the classes they offer here at our school two to three nights a week after school. When it comes to technoloy I don't think you can ever now enough plus the sharing that goes on in these classes is amazing. You come away with ideas from every direction to incorporate every area imaginable. I love having students use the library for reading but also to reinforce that we truly are a one-stop resource center for researching.

I have used power points pretty intensely but can see what after working with our tech teacher that it would be a B...I...G... hit if they could actually build their own podcast on their favorite book and why like an 'informcial' I think this would be great project to hype the kids next fall. I know this idea will not sit in the drawer.

Yes, this class was a challenge but like we tell our students "that's life, handle it". Take care everyone.

Janet Goss